Domestic Violence Recovery

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every four women and one in seven men will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

God intended our relationships to mirror the love that Christ has for us. When relationships fail, it can be devastating emotionally. When violence is involved, it can have a profound effect on our emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Prolonged exposure to relational trauma can activate the same system that God gifted to us to allow us to escape harm. We are designed by God to switch into a “Fight or Flight” mode when we experience the threat of harm. When a catastrophic event occurs, our bodies are flooded with a rush of neurochemicals that cause us to have the ability to overpower or outrun the threat. In environments that are punctuated with episodes of violence, this system is repeatedly activated. These chemicals take three days to dissipate from our bodies and cause difficulties with the ability to think logically and our ability to recall events as well as other problems. In addition, if we are in an environment that is not violent, but chronically threatening, we get repeated small doses of these same neurochemicals which can result in the same effect on our mind and bodies.

As a survivor, I feel that God has called me to come alongside those who have endured the heartache of abuse. I believe clients are wounded, not defective as they often believe themselves to be. When we can understand the way that God designed our bodies to function and understand our limitations, we are more able to accept ourselves where we are and let the Holy Spirit do the work of healing that we so desperately desire.

PTSD, depression and anxiety can all be overcome when we can understand how God designed us and allow him to heal the wounds of our past.

You can find more information on intimate partner violence at: CDC: Intimate Partner Violence