“For First Responders, it is a conveyor belt of trauma, eventually you run out of coping strategies.”

– Michael Swainson, Owner of Rescue 1

Under normal circumstances, our first responders face heart-wrenching and life threatening events on a daily basis. Although it is estimated that the prevalence of PTSD is approximately 10% higher in first responders than in the general population, I believe that the stigma associated with mental health issues in first responders has caused this number to be under estimated.

Unfortunately, the current climate of our country most likely cause a significant increase in these numbers. I believe that the majority of our first responders are brave and moral men and women who work hard daily to perform a job that many of us would not step up to do. I believe that they deserve the support of their communities and a safe place to address their struggles, so they can regain their emotional and mental strength and continue to perform their jobs as long as they have the desire to do so.

The Caring Line services are my way to acknowledge the importance of the mental health in our first responders and my promise to provide a safe place of support for these brave men and women. Counseling services are available in office or via tele-health services throughout the state of Florida.