Massage Benefits Emotional and Physical Health

Feeling your stress rise? Take time out for a massage. Although many people think of a massage as a time to “pamper” yourself, the benefits far outweigh the value of strictly a little time for some TLC. Having a massage can reduce stress, by actually reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) and increasing serotonin and dopamine, which lift your mood.

Adding some essential oils can increase the benefit. Enjoy a little lavender to boost mood and aid in sleep or a blend of citrus to invigorate and uplift your spirit.


1 Hour Massage     $75

90 Minute Massage     $105

2 Hour Massage      $125

3 Hour Massage      $205

All massages are hands on personalized massages with your choice of essential oils. Thera-gun massage sessions can be purchased for $30 per half hour and is included at no charge when you purchase a 3 Hour Massage.