Robin Ahlgren, LCSW

Robin has experience with a wide range of age groups, from the age of 5 to senior citizens. At the present time, much of her practice focuses on both complex and acute forms of PTSD, anxiety and depression. Robin works with individuals and couples to help them better understand, regulate and express their emotions to form healthy loving relationships with others and to accept themselves for who they are as they grow and mature.

She has worked with individuals recovering from domestic violence as well as childhood abuse, and her heart is to help prevent these events from occurring. She offers individual, couple and family counseling.

She also has a heart for our first responders and is now a Certified First Responder Counselor. She works with our first responders to assist them in understanding how to cope in a difficult and often traumatic line of work that exposes them to threats to themselves and others on a regular basis.

Treatment Approach

Robin uses Emotionally Focused methods to help individuals and couples gain a sense of understanding of who they are. Honesty, vulnerability and communication are essentials in therapy and in building healthy relationships with others. In addition, she works to help the client look at the bigger picture and how it impacts mental health. She is completing training in holistic approaches to mental health and will assist you in identifying lifestyle changes that will increase resiliancy and lift mood while decreasing anxiety and stress.

“I stay healthy by dealing with things! Seriously, emotional and spiritual health is most important. I feel there is a lot of unhealthiness when we stuff our feelings out of fear rather than face them and deal with our issues.”

Maria Canals Barrera

Education & Credentials:

  • License #: SW13070
  • License State: Florida
  • Practicing Since: Practicing since 2013.
  • Education:
    • Bachelor’s in Special Education from University of Central Florida
    • Masters Degree in Social Work from University of Central Florida

Robin Ahlgren has been an answer to prayer. For several years I had been dealing with some very uncomfortable issues that had been difficult to even put into words, much less share with anyone else. With wisdom and grace, Robin has guided me in recognizing, and effectively dealing with, the “blind spots” that have led to and fostered the issues I have struggled with. Robin’s non-judgmental, genuine attitude has resulted in our sessions being a safe haven for me to be completely transparent and still feel accepted and understood. Robin has this precious gift of encouraging me in such a meaningful, personal ways. I never fail to walk away from our times together feeling refreshed and filled with hope.

I was a client of Robin’s for several months. She helped me through some really tough times and was always there for me. Even when I raved and ranted she responded with care and compassion. Her greatest strength, in my opinion, is her unwavering faith in God and through that faith she shares her insight of the issues and cares deeply for her client.